Creation of Sweet Addict

I am a self-proclaimed sugar addict. I have found through the years of attending college, then law school and the adverse stress, that baking was my go-to stress reliever. Soon I had a kitchen full of goodies that I could not possibly consume by myself - so I sold them. And so it began.

My skills are mostly self-taught with years of Dutch family values and kitchen skills intwined. I cannot possibly imagine the amount of botched-batches I have endured to perfect the necessary taste, texture and tranquility of each recipe. Please understand that each order placed is made specifically for you, after you've ordered. Therefore, the time to process each order can take several days depending on the time of year and current workload; however, you have my absolute assurance that I am working as quickly as possible to have your order out in a timely manner. However, I will not sacrifice the quality of the product in order to speed up the process. I hope you can understand this.

While we have our best-sellers listed, we're also open to custom orders and new items - so please, let me know your thoughts!