About the Shop

I am a sweet addict - I LOVE anything sweet!  I have spent many, many years crafting and recrafting my culinary skills and started the Sweet Addict Bakery in 2009 while attending law school - I'm a stress eater, so needless to say, I made  A LOT of sweets during school!  My passion has now become a full time, legitimate business that allows me to spend more time with my young girls and be my own #mompreneur and an excuse to make my favorite sweets every day! 

We're very fortunate to have loyal, cult-like supporters and have even been featured by the Food Network!

I spend hours creating delicious caramels and chocolates by hand and out of love for the process. The melting of the butter, liquifying the sugar and bubbling of the cream is only the beginning! 

We are located in Colorado Springs, CO (the 5th greatest place to live in the US - 2016!)  Delivery and pick up is available to locals, please inquire.  

We use only eco-friendly and recyclable materials.  Lucky for you, your treats are shipped in 3-5 business days or less!

Make sure to stay in the loop to be the first to take advantage of sales and announcements: 

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